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EUSA-KOREA was established in February 1994 as an association of Korean academics, policy makers and businessmen interested in European integration affairs. It elected its first president, Professor Cae One KIM of Seoul National University, and he still serves president of the Association. Currently, EUSA-KOREA numbers more than 200 members and has become a very active academic association.

EUSA-KOREA is the Korean representative in the worldwide network of national EC(EU) Studies Associations called ECSA-World. President of EUSA-Korea has been sitting in the Scientific Committee of ECSA-World since 1996. EUSA-KOREA also holds the presidency of EUSA Asia-Pacific, which was created in 1999 for coordinating activities of national ECSAs(EUSAs) in the region.

Since 2002 EUSA-Korea receives financial subsidy of yearly Euro 4,000 from the European Commission for its Annual Assembly Meeting, Newsletter and Homepage activities.

Steering Committee

Current President: Byeong Hae Sohn (Kyungpook National University) since 2004

Former President: Cae-One Kim (Seoul National University) from 1994 to 2003

Vice-president: Bak-Soo Kim (KIEP)


Se-Yong Ahn (Seogang University)
Hee-Yul Chai (Kyonggi University)
Doo Yong Chang (Kwangju University)
Chang Kyu Choi (Myungji University)
Jae Jun Hur (KLI)
Do-Hoon Kim (KIET)
Heung-Chong Kim (KIEP)
Tae-Hwang Kim (Cheon-An University)
Jonghwa Lee (Kongju University)
Young-Seop Rhee (Sookmyung Womens University)
Woo-Sik Moon (Seoul National University)
Kyung-sun Park (Yongsan University)
Kyung-Seok Park (CheonNam University)
Sung-Hoon Park (Korea University)
Sunchan Park (Kongju University)
Myung-Ho Park (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Yong Dae Shin (KIET)
Jong kwon Yoo (Yeongnam University)

Goal and Scope                                                            

The goal of the EUSA-KOREA is to promote understanding of EU affairs and contribute to the promotion of bilateral economic, political and cultural relations between Korea and the EU. To achieve this goal, EUSA-Korea conducts academic and policy researches on relevant issues, advises Korean government in occasional consultation meetings, and disseminates EU-related information to Korean public. The following is a list of select activities of EUSA-Korea:

-Doing research on economic trends and policies of the EU and its Member States

-Disseminating results of research activities through publication activities (journals and monographs) and academic discussion forums (annual conference, monthly workshop, international conference, etc.), as well as through website information channels

-Giving advice to the Korean government in its efforts to promote Korea-EU bilateral relations in economic, political and cultural and social areas

-Consulting the Korean government on how to respond to applications of and changes in EUs external and trade policies, such as CFSP, anti-dumping, Trade Barriers Regulation (TBR), etc.

-Building networks of information distribution and cooperative research through active collaboration and association with related national and international academic associations and organizations

Main Activities                                                              

Since establishment EUSA-KOREA has held numerous seminars, public discussion rounds and international conferences to promote research activities on diverse areas of European integration. The results of our research activities are presented, discussed and disseminated mainly through the following four channels.

1) Annual Assembly
EUSA-Korea holds its Annual Assembly Meeting in February or March of every year. Members uses this opportunity to present their papers, get along with each other and meet new members. The Annual Assembly Meeting is supported by the European Commissions budget A-3022.

2) Monthly Workshops
EUSA-KOREA holds a series of monthly workshops (9-10 workshops every year) in collaboration with KIEP (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy). 1-2 papers are presented in each workshop, and they are published as discussion papers.

3) Conferences on Specific Topics
EUSA-Korea also hosts conferences on specific EU-related topics occasionally to meet the need of Korean policy makers and wide public. The following is a selective list of such conferences.

  • Significance of an European Convention and Prospects of European Integration
  • Methods of EU Enlargement
  • Launch of the Euro and Korean Economy
  • Economic and Social Policies of the EU
  • Regionalism in East Asia and the World

4) International Conference
International Conferences are another important activity area of EUSA-KOREA. EUSA-Korea hosts an international conference every two years and publishes proceedings and/or monographs. We hosted four international conferences during 1994-2004, and our sixth international conference was held on May 3, 2004 at Seoul.

  • September 1996  
    - Newly Emerging World Economic Order: European Experiences and Korean Perspectives (supported by European Commission and the EC Delegation )
  • November 1997
    - The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) (Supported by the EC Delegation)
  • September 2000  
    - Asia-Europe in a Global Economy: Economics, Economic Systems and Economic Cooperation (co-hosted with Korea Economic Association)
  • August 2002
    - Political and Economic Impacts of the Euro (co-hosted with CEI, University of Bonn, Germany)
  • May 2003
    - European Integration and the Asia-Pacific Region
  • May 2004
    - European Integration: Europe and Asia compared